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The Beast Blocker - Entrance Protector/Reducer

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The Beast Blocker - Entrance Protector/Reducer

The Beast Blocker - Entrance Protector/Reducer

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The Beast Blocker® we believe is the most effective entrance protector for your beehive, period. With the Beast Blocker® in place on the entrance to your hive you have:

• Stopped hornets and wasps from sneaking in and stealing honey and killing brood.
• Stopped robbing bees from overwhelming your guard bees and stealing honey.
• Stopped mice from moving in and eating honey, pollen, and beeswax.
• Minimised bee drift which can reintroduce varroa, so your varroa treatments stay effective for longer.
• Minimised bee drift which can introduce AFB and EFB.
• Stopped predator invasions which result in your guard bees doing their duty and dying to protect the hive. Over time, this can leave your hive defenceless and reduce your bee population.
• An easy and effective way to close the hive entrance so no bees can leave, while still having excellent front ventilation.

The Beast Blocker® works by training the bees in your hive to do a 90° turn when they exit the hive and leave by crawling up the front of the brood box. There is still ventilation along the front of the hive, so invaders still smell and hear the hive at the usual entrance but can’t get in along the front face.

NOTE: this product may not be suitable for all floor types. It is compatible with wooden floors and our New Hive Defender Floor (pictured). This Hive Defender Floor also acts as a Wasp Trap, providing your hives two ways to defend and kill wasps for good. 


The best time to install the Beast Blocker® is very early in the morning before the bees start flying.

The Beast Blocker® come with a translucent front plate, two coloured entrance gates, which can swing and click fully open, or fully closed, (usually these are already in place) and a small bag with 7 screws, one screw is long and 6 are short. (Note that the front plate of the Beast Blocker® has “score marks” near each end of the base. If you have an 8-frame hive, cut the base plate at these score marks so that your Beast Blocker® will fit your 8-frame hive.)

Check that you have all the parts of the Beast Blocker® assembled (the left and right entrance gates are securely snapped into place) and the 7 screws provided, as well as a square drive screw driver, ready and to-hand.

  1. Get the one long screw out of the bag and loosely thread it into the centre hole between the two entrance gates, until the sharp end is just poking through the centre hole.
  2. With one hand, place the Beast Blocker® on the front of your hive, with the entrance gates at the top and the long base at the bottom. Make sure the gates are in the closed/down position to ensure they sit flush against the face of your hive while you install it.
  3. Make sure that the bottom grill of the plate is hard against the bottom along the landing board of the hive with no gaps.
  4. While holding the Beast Blocker® in place, screw the long/central screw into the front of your hive. It is important you start here and not the shorter screws on the side.
  5. Then use the 6 remaining shorter screws to finish screwing the Beast Blocker® in place securely using the 6 strategically supplied holes. Make sure the base plate and closer gates are flush against the super when screwing it in to ensure the gates can function as designed.

That’s it! During the day, the flying bees will soon learn that they need to make that 90° turn as they exit the hive, and they will orient themselves with the coloured entrance gates to learn the new way into the hive. It won’t take them long to learn how to use the Beast Blocker®.

An interesting phenomenon that you may see with your Beast Blocker® in place, is the front of the hive covered in bees. You may have seen “bearding” happen with your hive before. On hot days, a mass of bees form a hanging beard from the front landing board to reduce the heat load in the hive and to keep themselves cool. However, with a Beast Blocker® in place, they don’t “beard” they form a “plume” above the entrance! So don’t be alarmed, they are just cooling off. Late in the day and early evening they will move back inside their hive.

Customer Reviews

7 Review
  • Beast Blocker 5

    Posted by Te-Arahi Haare-Paati on 7th Jun 2023

    Fantastic item, fits perfectly over the hive entrance. Looks good, really effective

  • Awesome product 5

    Posted by Brenda on 22nd Dec 2022

    Totally confused wasps from entering the hive highly recommendable especially when used with the new hive floor with trap!

  • Hive Defender 5

    Posted by Doc Grieve on 22nd Dec 2022

    An excellent product. A well thought out design and well made, thoroughly recommend

  • Brilliant Beast Blocker 5

    Posted by Jillybee on 1st Oct 2022

    After Thomas's fabulous talk at the Taupo Bee Club, I purchased Beast Blockers for all my hives. The wasps overwintered at our farm and are terrible already (Spring). We installed them all immediately and the bees figured out how to use them within minutes !! Very happy to know my girls are getting a bit more protection

  • Beast blocker 5

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Apr 2022

    Easy to install and works really well

  • Beast Blocker 4

    Posted by Jim Hepburn on 14th Apr 2022

    Simple to install. Put on in a hurry due to presence of wasps. Took the bees a while ( 3days) to work it out. Works best if there is a flat ( 20 mm ) landing space in front of hive. Some of our bases have a sloping 100mm landing board which was challenging.

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