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Agrisea Bee Nutrition - 1L

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Agrisea Bee Nutrition - 1L

Agrisea Bee Nutrition - 1L

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I have been trialling Agrisea for the past year and [I am] very impressed with the low losses I have achieved this year (1%), plus it just makes sense that the nutrients, amino acids and vitamins in Agrisea must be assisting the health of the hives when compared to using straight sugar syrup. When used in high concentrations 30ml per litre of syrup I have seen brood rearing mid winter and believe that the nutrients in agrisea go along way in assisting brood development.

The New Zealand native seaweed species (ecklonia radiata) is batch-brewed with specially selected essential herbs for up to 90 days to make our Bee Nutrition tonic. The natural brewing process eliminates the use of processing with heat, chemicals, freezing or dehydration that might ‘denature’ the sensitive nutrient balance, allowing the  micro-nutrients to be released in an active form to enhance bee survival over the crucial winter period. AgriSea’s Bee Nutrition holds a wide variety of trace elements in a naturally chelated form that ensures easy and ready uptake by the Bee. The availability of amino acids also important for bees over winter are also readily available.

Feature Benefits
•     Convenient and cost effective
•     Organic source of minerals, amino acids & vitamins in an 100% absorbable form
•     Improved Hive Health
•     Improved Population
•     Improved Production
•     Essential Trace elements

Recommended Dose Rates
30mls per litre  or  30L per 1000L added to syrup

Available Sizes:

1L, 5L, 20L, 100L, 200L

Customer Reviews

1 Review
  • Great service 5

    Posted by Brent on 18th Nov 2022

    Awesome products, great site, quick despatch, will update when we get through a season. I like the advertised result and are hoping to see the same later on.

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