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The Ceracell Emlock

The Ceracell Emlock

Posted by Bruce Clow on 25th Jan 2022

The Ceracell Emlock

The Ceracell Emlock, made in NZ with our own stamping dies, is the ultimate hive strapping system.

If you have moved hives before, you know that the bees are more aggressive at night and you don’t want to take any chances that the hive boxes might slip, leaving a gap for those angry girls to get out. Having used ratchet straps before, I know they are not good enough and fiddly to use. The cloth strapping gets tangles, the ratchet gets stuck. And you can’t push on a cloth strap! All this in the dark. Not good. Then the cloth stretches as you haul the hive to the truck and WOW the bees are out and mad!

With the Ceracell Emlock, you can push on the steel strap to get the “claw” under the hive and up to the roof. Then it is just a matter of unrolling enough steel strap off the “dog bone” and hooking it into the claw. Flip it down once to pull the bends out, then release, and move the dog bone up another notch or two in the claw, and flip over for a strong, sure clamp.

The Ceracell Emlock with 3.5 metres of strapping is good for a hive about six full depth boxes high. The 4.5 metres of strapping will do eight full depth boxes high.