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Posted by Thomas on 21st Apr 2022

A honey bee queen is the most iconic member of the hive. As the only egg-laying female, she takes sole responsibility for the colony’s reproduction. She also bears a unique scent that keeps the other members of the hive content and productive. However, she isn’t an all-powerful monarch. In fact, much of the queen’s actions and well-being rely on the actions of the hive’s worker bees. As a beekeeper, you must understand the roles of ev… Read more

Posted by Thomas on 21st Apr 2022

The further you get in your beekeeping career, the more gear and tools you’ll gather over time. As with any equipment, it’s important to keep these belongings safe and secure when you’re not using them. Properly storing your beekeeping equipment helps you save money on repairs or replacements. This will also keep your apiary safe and productive as you sanitize your gear and prevent the spread of diseases. Learn all the best tips for h… Read more

Posted by Thomas Clow on 20th Apr 2022

If you have been a beekeeper for even a couple of seasons you will recognize swarming is a frequent topic discussed in the bee magazines. Much has been written about swarming. Despite all the information, swarming remains one of the big challenges to beekeepers.Swarming means different things to different people. L.L. Langstroth called swarming a “most beautiful sight.” The general public often finds a swarm a terrifying sight. For beek… Read more

Posted by Thomas Clow on 19th Apr 2022

Bees are surprisingly versatile and can make their home in a wide variety of environments. This means that, no matter where you live, it’s possible to find the perfect place for your bees to thrive. When you receive your beehive starter kit and are ready to go, follow this guide to choosing the location of your beehive to give your bees the best home you can.Easily AccessibleYou want your beehives to be functional for both your bees… Read more
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