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Manuka: The Biography of an Extraordinary Honey

Manuka: The Biography of an Extraordinary Honey

Posted by Bruce Clow on 25th Jan 2022

What a great story! I bought this book because I keep bees and the way Manuka honey has blossomed from a second-class honey to the international medical wonder it is, has fascinated me. 

I wasn’t disappointed. It is told much like a mystery-drama in such an easy to read down-to-earth style that I found I was drawn to read and read on. Not only is it a story about Manuka honey but also a story about the history of bees and humans from antiquity as well as the introduction of European bees to New Zealand and how the honey industry developed here. 

Cliff Van Eaton also describes in the most comprehensive yet easy to read narrative of how bees actually make honey and why. And of course the compelling story of how and why honey’s poor cousin (Manuka honey) ended up being the most sought after curative for antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. 

This truly is a great read, and every bee enthusiast should have a copy. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in bees, honey, or New Zealand success stories. And what a great gift this would be. Enjoy!