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10-Frame Top Feeder Complete Kit (Assembled)

Product Code: FED008
Description: The most popular size, extra heavy duty and now with a new patented corner access system so no syrup is left anywhere. The bees get it all!
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10-Frame Top Feeder Complete Kit (Assembled)

10-Frame Top Feeder Complete Kit (Assembled)

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This Top Feeder complete kit you get and assembled wooden rim, set of corner caps and a center chimney cap.

We listened to the beekeeping community, and here you have our new improved Ceracell Blue Top Feeder! It has all the benefits of the previous design, but as we all know, beehives are mounted sloping slightly forward, and when feeding the bees sugar syrup in a top feeder with only a center chimney cap there is always half a Litre that the bees can't get to, now with our patented protected corner access system bees will now have access to all the syrup you feed them.  This is the new industry standard!

Extra Heavy Duty with underside ribs for strength. Made from 100% virgin food grade plastic. This comes in the most popular medium size holding 8.5 Litres.  "Why blue?" you may ask.  Because this is special!  It is a product that stands out from everything else on the market, hence the special corner access system is patented, and we want it to stand out visually as well.

Top feeders are great for feeding raw or dry white sugar in the early and mid-winter.  Feeding in this way, don't use a "chimney cap" and let the bees range across the feeder.  Raw sugar is considered better, as it has a bit of moisture in it already and the bees can work it and take it up.  If using dry white sugar you may want to add a small damp sponge to the top feeder to give the bees some moisture to work the sugar.

In the late winter/early spring you may want to feed a heavy syrup (2 kg of white sugar to 1 Litre of water, heated until fully dissolved). This shouldn't stimulate the queen to lay and with it being in a top feeder she shouldn't sense too much the sugar coming in.  When feeding in this way, use a chimney cap to restrict the bees and prevent them from getting out in the bulk of the liquid.  


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Customer Reviews

6 Review
  • Top Feeder 5

    Posted by Vicky Lambert on 14th Feb 2023

    Awesome top feeder going to help mybees alot over winter

  • top feeder 5

    Posted by Richard van der Jagt on 9th May 2022

    works a treat especially when hives aren't perfectly level.

  • Great Feeder 5

    Posted by L Campbell on 3rd Apr 2022

    Amazing feeder! It’s been great to be able to feed our bees without being instructive, the bees can get all the liquid feed and the best bit, we’ve had no casualties! Would highly recommend.

  • Great Product - Modification? 4

    Posted by Matt Wilson-Vogler on 20th Jun 2021

    Hello there. This is a fantastic product. Love the corner feed points and bright colour. My only concern is that the center chimney cap doesn't lock into place as the corner feeders do. If you have a lid with a 2-3mm gap then the chimney cap can move upwards, which then increases the bottom bee gap. Once the liquid gets low the bees get into the feed and cant get out. I drilled a hole through the white plastic lid and blue chimney, then secured with a bolt, washers and a nut.

  • Top feeder 5

    Posted by Peter Hancock on 6th Aug 2020

    Have used frame feeders and top feeders. Top feeder every time now. I leave on year round. Can top up feeder without opening hive = any weather, which is great for a cold or wet day as the bees can be fed without chilling them. Corner access for bees means that if the hive is out of level the bees can always access the last bit of feed from at least on corner. Thanks Pete

  • Bees Love it 5

    Posted by Glenn Garwood on 22nd Apr 2019

    Just had this installed for a week and it is so convenient - currently feeding dry sugar with a wet dish mop in a fretwork frame which I top up with water once a week. The bees are just loving it and it they are undisturbed whilst I just lift the lid - top up the water and sugar - no protective gear has been necessary. The corners and chimney look to be a great idea when feeding syrup in the spring. I am also using an 8 frame top feeder on my Flow Hive which is great - good value & saves time.

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