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The Ceracell Story

We specialise in providing quality beekeeping equipment for all beekeepers. Whether that be the weekend warriors or everyday commercial operators. We make sure all our products are made from the best materials and are built to last. We offer a range of beekeeping equipment from protective clothing, health and treatments to hive componentry, hive tools and extraction machinery. And if something doesn't work as well as it could, we develop new and better products to make beekeeping simple and more enjoyable. We are world leaders in innovative beekeeping products.
We also export many of our products to Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. So wherever you are, we will endeavour to help bring the best products to your door. Ceracell works to bring you the best in beekeeping equipment and excellence in customer service. We can help you solve some tricky beekeeping questions or problems. Please send us a message or call us so we can help you find the best products for you and your hives.


Bruce Clow

Managing Director

The Ceracell Team