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Queen Mating Starter Pack Complete

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Queen Mating Starter Pack Complete

Queen Mating Starter Pack Complete

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This Queen Rearing Starter Pack is the perfect setup for someone wanting to dip their toe into rearing queens.

This mating starter pack gives you five wooden mating nucs each complete with frames and a top feeder. It also comes with a special super to get those frames drawn on a strong single hive prior to loading the mating nucs with nurse bees, you are essentially making 5 small splits. This will save the bees time and energy building comb with other mating nuc setups where you have to put bees into the nucs to get them set up. The special super fits perfectly on a standard 10-frame Langstroth hive so that the hive bees can draw those frames quickly for you. You may even get a bonus with the hives bees filling some cells with pollen and honey, and even better if the hive queen lays in the drawn little frames. If you can put these small nuc frames in the mating nucs with capped brood, when the brood emerge they will be the very best nurse bees for your capped queen cell when it is introduced and the newly hatched virgin queen.

This package includes

5 x Mating Nucs

5 x Nuc top feeders

26 x Mating Nuc frames

1 x Mating Nuc drawing Super

Perfect setup for someone wanting to dip their foot into rearing queens.



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