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Hive tools
  • In this video we discuss the right tools available from Ceracell to help you manipulate the frames in the hive and pry the frames apart.
  • In this video we discuss the importance of frames, we discuss the 3 available options at Ceracell. We discuss the advantages of each style of frame.
Bee Escapes and Queen Excluders
  • In this video we go over the purpose of bee escapes and how they work. We also go through the purpose of a queen excluder as well as the different types we have available. This video also provides useful information for new beekeepers on the products we provide to make the bees and the beekeepers life’s easier.
Hive Defenders
  • In this video we discuss the product Hive Defender. We discuss how to use a Hive Defender and how the product works to keep your hive free of wasps. 
  • In this video we discuss the different bee boxes available in New Zealand and discuss their advantages and disadvantages of each type as well as use for different wood types ranging from TanE, Thermo or Untreated Supers.
Floors, Lids and Hive Mats
  • In this video we discuss the purpose and relevance of floors and how our floors help keep the hive strong and healthy. This video we go through what exactly is a hive mat and the details and purpose of bee escapes. We also discuss the different lids available and discuss the difference between the products and their purpose.
Lighting Smokers
  • In this video we discuss a great and easy way in which to properly light your smoker. The purpose of a smoker and the proper ways to use your smoker in a hive.
  • In this video we show and describe the correct way in which to extract your honey from your Ceracell round comb honey system and using containers to place the honey comb into. A great gift for family on their birthday or Christmas Gift.
Removing Honey Frames
  • In this video we discuss the essential part of a beekeeper’s work making sure your bee’s work to bring in honey and store it in your frames. Adding on a box of frames under a honey super so bees can easily access that box to store honey.
Frame maintenance
  • In this video maintaining your frames are important so not to allow disease and pest to invade your hive as well as proper care of equipment so to make sure it lasts long. In this video we discuss the importance of keeping your wax, Ceracell buys all wax.
Protective clothing
  • In this video we will discuss the different protective clothing for beekeeping. The advantages and disadvantages of each product. The comfort in different veils and overalls. As well as discussing the brands and materials used in the different brands. We try and cover most points so that you can get the most knowledge about bee suits to get the right one for you.
Ceracell Round Comb Honey System
  • In this video we discuss the product round comb system. We discuss how to set the frames up, as well as inserting the foundation into the frames and make sure the bee’s put the honey in the round frames. In this video we discuss the containers and lids available for placing the comb honey in. the round comb system is great for Christmas gift or birthday gift to a family member.
Box Assembly
  • In this video we discuss the appropriate way in which to assemble a kitset bee box, this way ensures the box is appropriately assembled to cater for the frames. This video provides the necessary details to make sure you assemble the super properly and you get the best value out of the product.
Frame Assembly
  • In this video we go through a step by step process on how to assemble a wooden hoffman frame. We talk about the necessary tools required to ensure peak performance and endurance of the wooden frame.
Melting Wax
  • In this video we discuss processing wax. The proper and easy ways to melt your old and collected wax from the previous season. Ceracell will buy any quantities of wax.
Storing boxes for winter
  • In this video we discuss the process in storing your boxes to ensure no pests or disease can get into your boxes over the winter season and ensure a quick and easy return when you need the comb frames for summer honey flow.
Wood Preservation
  • In this video we discuss the ways in which to preserve wood ware to make sure your equipment last the tests of time. We discuss the available wood treatments available for purchase here at Ceracell. Ranging from Copper Napthenate and WB1
Wax Foundation
  • In this video we discuss embedding wax foundation into frames as well as welding the foundation with a wax pen. This video also provides advice on waxing plastic frames and the right amount of wax on the frames.