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Our Philosophy

Ceracell beekeeping philosophy

Why we are in Business
Bees are important in our economy and in our lives, and without them the world would lose much of the food we take for granted.  Bees are under pressure and need people to help them. We’re here to help the people who support bees by farming them sustainably for profit, processing bee products for eventual public consumption, or who just provide shelter for a few hives for their own pleasure. We exist as an organisation to support beekeepers, the beekeeping and the bee products industries, in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and around the world.

We will do this by offering quality beekeeping supplies, as well as honey and 
other bee products processing equipment, in a timely manner, priced competitively while making a fair profit for our efforts and investment.  We will also offer services needed by people in these industries, as well as providing technical support by being a source for information about beekeeping, bees, and their products.  We will listen to our customers and when there are things that we could do better, or might do to help, we will have a go. We will continually look for new and innovative products and services that could make the lives and businesses of our customers better.

To do this we need people working for us who are motivated, energetic, happy and healthy.  This means we will ensure that our employees are paid fairly and on time, have a safe working environment, that they have the right tools to do their jobs, they have opportunities for the development of their skills and interests, and that they are comfortable in sharing with management any concerns they might have about any aspect of their work-life.

We also need supportive suppliers, contractors and service providers.  We will strive to always pay our bills on or before the due date, but if circumstances mean we are unable to, we will let the affected party know of our situation as soon as we are aware of it.  We will treat them as how we want to be treated by our customers.

As an organisation, and as individuals in the organisation, we ultimately want to be a blessing to those people we come in contact with on a daily basis.