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About Us

The Clows Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies Ltd NZ

Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies (NZ) Limited is one of the largest suppliers of beekeeping equipment in New Zealand.  We supply commercial and hobbyist beekeepers throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific and Worldwide. Ceracell is a family run business started in 1982, and still working hard for beekeepers and honey processors.
We purchase NZ beeswax and manufacture beeswax comb foundation, export bulk beeswax from New Zealand, and sell an extensive  range of quality beekeeping and honey processing equipment.  This includes Buzzco Cell Cups, Ceracell Introductory Queen Mailing Cages, Ceracell Sugar Syrup Feeders, Ceracell Plastic Frames, Ceracell Plastic Queen Excluders, European and NZ Made Extractors and Tanks, Quality NZ Made Woodware, Honey Processing Equipment, Wax Melters, Uncapping Machines, Italian made and NZ Assembled Flexible Impeller Pumps, Bee Accessories NZ brand Protective Wear, Vita Europe Bee Health Products, NZ Manufactured Honey Processing Machinery, an extensive range of Beekeeping Books, Smokers, Suits and Gloves and much much more! Check out our online products for details.
We aim to supply quality and value for money in beekeeping and honey processing supplies. When we can make things better ourselves we do.  We now operate two factories manufacturing woodware, metal componentry, refined beeswax and beeswax foundation, and assembling to our strict high quality specifications, honey and sugar syrup flexible impeller pumps.  We scour the globe looking for the highest quality best priced equipment and supplies.  As well as acquiring raw materials and product from NZ we now source finished product and supplies from Australia, the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Pakistan, India, Singapore, and Taiwan. We test every new product in our own hives first so we know they will do the job and do it well.  We support a network of local and regional suppliers and services as well as supporting courses for those interested in getting into beekeeping.  In short we are here to help you, the beekeeper and honey processor, just ask.  We'll always do our best to answer any query.