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Silicone Candle Mould - Fairy Ball (H-5.5cm)

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Silicone Candle Mould - Fairy Ball (H-5.5cm)

Silicone Candle Mould - Fairy Ball (H-5.5cm)

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These are high quality Silicone Candle Making Moulds from Poland. Silicone moulds are made of flexible and durable silicone with plastic properties that enable their repeated use. Before the mould is filled with liquid wax, it is recommended to spray it with silicone spray. Silicone is also a preservative for the mould and helps with the removal of ready-made candles. We stock a wide variety of candle varieties so you can make candles for any occasion.

Para-therapeutic and relaxing attributes of beeswax candles have been known for hundreds of years. They are feature an attractive and natural look, burn smokeless whilst producing a soft, gentle scent of honey and propolis, they also work as negative ionizers. They eliminate electromagnetic radiation caused by electrical appliances and neutralize cigarette smoke. 

Beeswax candles, and their process of burning in particular, soothes and calms you down, makes breathing easier, heals blocked sinuses and provides relief for running nose and asthma and even shows signs of helping reduce high blood pressure. It is recommended to burn candles every day from 15 to 60 minutes.

Ready candles from beeswax can be freely decorated with quite popular decoupage technique or natural products, such as coffee beans, etc. Ready-made candle can be sprayed gently with silicone spray which will give it a shine. You can also add scented oils or colours to liquid wax for effects required. Candles make unique decoration as well as an original gift for family and friends.

You can make a candle of beeswax in a few simple steps. Items required:

  • One of our Silicone moulds
  • Wick of appropriate thickness, matched to the size of the candle (the larger the candle, the thicker the wick)
  • Rubber band
  • Toothpick
  • Silicone spray (optional)


  1. Preparation of the form. If you cast candles with a complicated pattern, you should spray it inside with silicone spray, it will be easier to remove the finished candle from the mould. Then cut off the appropriate length of the wick (it must be longer than the form) and drag it through the center of the mould – it should be taut. The next step is to put elastics around the form. At the end, stick the toothpick into the end of the wick and strain it well.
  2. Pouring the wax into the mould
  3. Dissolve the wax in a pot (preferably enameled dish). Liquid wax should have suitable temperature of approx. 60°C. Pour the wax slowly so it reaches all hollows. The setting time of the wax depends on the size of the silicone mould.
  4. Removing the candle from the mould. When the wax is set pull the elastics, open the mould and gently take out the candle. Next, remove the toothpick and cut the wick at the base and leave about 1 cm at the top of the candle.
  5. In the last step cut the bottom of the candle with a knife so the end of the wick can be soaked in warm wax.

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