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Butane Gas Torch

Butane Gas Torch
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Refillable, reliable, versatile instant heat when and where you need it regardless of the weather
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We searched and researched to find a gas torch that was portable, reliable, and long lasting.  This is the unit, and exclusively from Ceracell. This refillable butane gas torch is the most popular in the USA, and they know their tools.  Don't be caught out in the field, with a dead smoker, and too much wind for those BBQ lighters (toys really) or the impossible task of lighting up with a match.  This torch is easy to use even with gloves on.  The piezo lighter ignites with the press of the button.  The intensity of the butane flame is easily adjusted with the gas control nob.  Sophistication you'd expect in an engineer's brazing tool.  You'll wonder how you ever got on without it.

Versatile?  You bet!  Its a breeze to clean up your metal queen excluders, or quickly melt a trail of wax to lock in your foundation in the top bar of your wood frames.  And that's just in the apiary.  Brazing, soldering, even scorching the creme brulee!  Anywhere you need intense heat with pin-point accuracy, this torch is for you.

I reckon this is the absolute best item we have to give as a gift to the beekeeper who has everything.
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Easy to work and light with gloves on. The lite torch is ready to light the smoker (you can't see the blue flame outside in the sun but it is on and hot!)
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5 seconds is all it takes. Your smoker is back to work.

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