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Singlet top with hood

Singlet top with hood
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The great option of the easy on-off singlet with the Bee Accessories hood-veil.  Heavy nylon gauze veil that sits off the face regardless of the angle or tilt of the head.  Another option from the premium Bee Accessories line of protective clothing, made in New Zealand.

Bee suits and jackets and veils are designed to protect you as much as possible from bee stings while working your hives.   The things that you should be looking for, then, are the extent of coverage, how thick the material is (to minimise stings through the garment), how comfortable it is to wear and work in, and how long lasting it will be.   Some of these things you may have to compromise to get the other.  For instance, a very thick heavy suit will be more uncomfortable to work in, but will prevent most stings through the cloth.  The thick heavy gauge veil will have a very long life, but may be less comfortable in the open or closed position.  To a certain degree, some of these things will be price dependent too, since a very heavy gauge material will be more expensive.

Sizing is also important, as most hobbyist beekeepers wear their suit over regular clothing, so an extra generous size should be selected.  It is important to try on the suits as different manufacturers seldom have the same dimensions for a given size.  I wear a suit that is two sizes larger than my normal, even though I wear it just over underwear.  I wear a light gauge material overall, so bees are able to sting through the cloth, but with the extra generous sizing, it is very loose and most of the suit doesn’t touch any skin.  So I seldom get stung through the suit and it is very comfortable to work in.

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