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NZ made premium glove

NZ made premium glove
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A long ventilated canvas gauntlet leather glove made in New Zealand, with sizes 7 through to 12.  A very soft yet durable NZ leather and designed for a broad hand.  You can comfortably work all day in these gloves.

The choice of gloves, like suits, is very much a personal preference thing.  Largely, gloves fall into one of two categories:  rubber gloves, or leather gloves.  I have used both, and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of both.  Rubber gloves have a greater tactile feel and flexibility.  They give a sure feel and grip, and are virtually impossible for bees to sting through.  The disadvantage of rubber gloves is that for me (I sweat a lot when working the hives) they get very wet inside, and get pretty smelly after a while.  I have to turn them inside out to wash and dry, and it isn’t too easy to do.  I now use leather gloves, and they don’t have quite the sensitivity of the rubber, but now with experience that isn’t an issue for me.  They still do get wet, but because they breathe they don’t get smelly and they are also easy to dry.  But again, a personal choice.

One other thing that I will mention about gloves is the length of the gauntlet (or sleeve).  The ones I have now have a very long gauntlet, and I actually find it annoying.  I pull the gloves over my suit sleeves, and with all the extra material it often bunches up around my elbow and feels uncomfortable.  Unless you are worried about stings along your forearm a short gauntlet is perfectly adequate, as you have the suit material underneath in any case. But with all clothing accessories, it generally comes down to personal preference.

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