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Ventilated panel bee suit with veil

Ventilated panel bee suit with veil
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Very cool working suit and excellent protection from stings.
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I have been looking for a cool (temperature-wise) beekeeping suit for some time, also with the price in mind.  This suit I have tested myself and that is why we stock it.  It is now my preferred suit.  In my old suit I would start sweating almost immediately I put it on.  With this vented panel suit, there is a cool breeze percolating through it constantly and I can work in it for hours.

Okay, that is the comfort level.  What about sting protection?  To be frank, this suit is unparalleled protection!  I have been wearing it for eight months and NEVER had a sting through it.  The panels are designed and fabricated to be one inch thick.  No sting will ever get through the panels.  And the cloth material itself is the heaviest gauge I have ever seen in a suit (but with the panels, as I said above it is not hot at all!)  Also, in the areas where the cloth is pulled tight against the skin, such as the knees and shoulders, there is extra thick material and padding.  The veil zip is plastic so it runs smoothly and snugs up together well with a velcro panel over the zip final joint.  The veil itself is light and airy, and when off flattens nicely against your back so if you are travelling in a vehicle you don't even notice it.

Sizing?  The sizes are very generous.  The demo model I tried (and still use) was a XXL.  I am a big man (some less generous folk would say fat).  I am 185 cm tall and 118 kg (okay, 120 kg).  The XXL was almost too big.  In my normal clothing I would wear a XXL or a XXXL.  So I am sure that the 4XL would fit the very biggest beekeeper in NZ.  So be sure we have a size that will fit you.

This suit for the price is the best available and I highly recommend it.  Cheers, Bruce Clow

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