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Gripset WB2 natural wood preservative - 5 ltr

Gripset WB2 natural wood preservative - 5 ltr
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100% natural 0% chemicals wood restorer and preservative. WB2 extra concentrated comes only in a 5 litre pail.
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Fast and easy application with a brush, roller or by dipping. Goes on like water, looks like linseed oil and dries fast and clear.

Gripset have been developing and marketing chemical free environmentally friendly weather proofing and sealing products since the 1970's.  They have now come up with a revolutionary product that protects wood from insect, fungi and mould attack, not by killing the insect or the moulds and fungi, but by disguising the wood.  Wood treated with WB1 and 2 are disguised and the pests don't recognise it as a food source and leave it alone.  This is how Gripset describe their wonderful product:

"Gripset WB2 is a unique natural concentrate designed for use over timber and wood surfaces to protect against parasite and fungus infestation, enabling timber to be protected and perform as intended by nature. As per the WB1 product, WB2 in its more concentrated form provides a compound that makes wood unrecognisable to insects and fungi without the use of toxins, chemicals and hazardous materials. This unique standalone technology provides a wood preservative that allows for the future existence of insects and fungi to play their role in the nature cycle, while ensuring wood is not destroyed or affected by the formation of fungus and parasites. Based on the philosophy of acknowledging the interdependency and interconnectedness of nature, WB2 provides a wood preservative that avoids the dangers of chemical based substances, preserving timber in the most natural of processes. Composed of mineral and plant resources, WB2 works by an advanced active principle where nutrients that insects are in search of are eliminated around the peripheral surface, remaining only within the integral areas of timber at penetration depth. The treated wood no longer becomes recognisable as a food source to parasites."

WB1 and 2 are now used in the Australian beekeeping industry as a wood preservative.  Ceracell is very pleased to be the exclusive New Zealand agent and distributor for Gripset WB1 and 2.  They can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing onto the wood.  The product in its wet condition is alkaline so basic precautions should be used, but I can tell you from experience that there are zero fumes, and the product is simple to apply and dries quickly.  A real winner for the beekeeper.

For new, clean timber, one coat of WB1 is all that is needed.  One litre covers 5 square metres.  For timber with rot or insect damage, remove as much of the softened or punky wood as possible, then coat twice with WB1, or use one coat of WB2.  It stops the rot in its tracks and restores the integrity of what is left.

Here is a link giving you more insight into these products.


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