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Wood preservation copper naphthenate 18.5kg pail

Wood preservation copper naphthenate 18.5kg pail
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You may also know this as CuNap, copper wood preservative or Copper Metalex.
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For well over one hundred years, copper naphthenate has been used as a wood preservative.  Copper naphthenate is the copper salt of naphthenatic acid, which comes from petroleum.  In treating wood for beehives, it is used in a white spirit (usually mineral turps or similar) solution at a concentration of between 1% and 1.5%.  It is a full deep green colour in solution and the treated wood is a bright green initially, weathering to a dark greenish-brown over time.  For all the time I have been keeping bees, it has been an approved wood treatment for bee woodware, with most rigorous studies indicating that it has no or very low human toxicity when bound to the wood cellulose.  The bees don't mind it a bit.

For my kitset boxes and floors, I soak the components in the copper naphthenate solution, in a good sized plastic container.  If you only fill the container enough to cover half the length of the longest piece, you then flip them over to soak the other ends.  The white spirit carries the copper into the wood and it latches onto the cellulose.  Leave the treated pieces in a well ventilated space until the white spirit has fully evaporated.  In the winter this may take up to four weeks, so some preplanning needs to be done.  In the summer, one week is usually sufficient.

For my wood frame kitsets, I just paint the solution on the lugs (or ears) of the top bars, and where the top bar and end bars join, as these are the bits most susceptible to decay.  Again, let the white spirit fully evaporate before putting the components in the hive.

For safety's sake, wear a good pair of rubber gloves, safety glasses or goggles, and work in a well ventilated place.  And wear some old clothes as the copper naphthenate stains everything it touches!

please note: will only be delivered via a chemical carrier.

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