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Basic Polystyrene Mating Nuc

Basic Polystyrene Mating Nuc
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This mating nuc has been designed for maximum efficiency and integrated use with standard Langstroth hives.  The dimensions of the mating nuc are 245mm x 245mm x H 240mm.  The wood frames with beeswax coated plastic foundation are sized to fit two rows in a special super to put on top of a standard Langstroth hive.  This allows the hive bees to draw the mating nuc hive frames, so they are ready to go.  The nurse bees you put into the mating nuc then won't have to use energy to draw the comb.  If the queen goes up into the special super and lays in the mating nuc frames it is a royal bonus!  Then you can put capped brood in your mating nuc and have newly emerged bees ready to take care of your virgin queen.  You may also get some frames filled with pollen, nectar and honey making the nuc hive a true miniature. 

Two sides are polystyrene, and a polystyrene panel for the lid.  This increases the insulation value.  

If planning to overwinter a mated queen in the mating nuc, it might be prudent to block the bottom ventilation hole with polystyrene as well.

Please note: Frames are sold separately. 

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