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Full depth wooden Mahurangi frame kitset

Full depth wooden Mahurangi frame kitset
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Price can be as low as $1.05 per frame for large orders. Contact us to inquire.
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Mahurangi wooden frames are considered by many around the world as the highest quality wooden bee frames on the market.  So what makes a quality wooden frame?  Three things really.  Firstly the precision with which the wood is cut, to ensure that when the frame parts are "loosely"assembled they stay assembled while you apply the nails or staples.  The frame won't fall to bits while you are reaching for your hammer.  Secondly the quality of the wood.  The grain is clean and straight making the frames incredibly strong and durable.  Thirdly, the finish.  The fine toothed saws and cutters we use are so clean cutting you'd swear that every piece has been sanded smooth.  This means that when you are working your hives and cleaning off propolis and wax you are less likely to stall the hive tool across the wood frame or catch in the wood.  So simply, we think our Mahurangi frames are the best you can buy.  We export hundreds of thousands each year because in the most discerning markets in the world they know that to be true.  You may as well have the best.  As the saying goes, quality remains long after the price is forgotten.

These frames are suitable for use with beeswax foundation.  Compatible with full depth Langstroth boxes.  
Assembly by you required.  You will have to supply your own nails or staples.  We sell nails grade 40 x 1.6 mm gauge.  We also sell tinned or stainless steel frame wire if you want to wire in your foundation.  We also sell frame wiring boards or if you are inclined to make your own wiring board, we will sell you a toggle to help tension the frame wires.  Of course we also sell beeswax foundation made in our own factory.

You may want to consider treating your woodware before assembly, or after.  For internal frames it may be satisfactory to treat with copper naphthenate just the frame lugs (or ears).  We have available for sale copper naphthenate.  And of course we now have the fantastic totally chemical free wood preservatives WB1 and WB2 from Gripset.  Check out our new products to learn more about this great product.

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