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Supers commercial FD UT 8-frame flatpack

Supers commercial FD UT 8-frame flatpack
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Full Depth 8 - Frame Kitset, flat pack.
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The 8 Frame Super is a great way for beekeepers to maintain a full depth box but minimise the weight. Instead of switching to a 3/4 depth box beekeepers may prefer the full depth frame. The 8 Frame Super allows reduction in weight by reducing how many frames the box can hold. The box is reduced width wise to only suit 8 full depth frames, this enables a reduction in weight but still utilises the full depth frames.

The 8 Frame Super (super, deep, storey, brood-box). Kitset. Untreated. Commercial grade may have tight knots, but no gaps or holes.  Assembly by you required.  You will have to supply your own nails or staples.  We sell nails grade 40 x 1.6 mm gauge.

You may want to consider treating your woodware before assembly, or after.  We have available for sale copper naphthenate and paraffin wax.  And of course we now have the fantastic totally chemical free wood preservatives WB1 and WB2 from Gripset.  Search for "Gripset" on our website to learn more about this great product.

The 8 Frame Super is generally used as a brood box, this means that the queen has free roaming ability within this box to lay. The full depth box accommodates a larger frame compared to a 3/4 depth box creating more space for the queen to lay and maximise the hives population. Some Beekeepers prefer a complete full depth system, it allows greater space for honey but you'll find chugging around hundreds of full depth boxes full of honey becomes quite a mission. This is why beekeepers generally use full depth boxes for raising brood and then using 3/4 depth boxes for honey as it will weigh less when the honey flow ends. 

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