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Apiguard 3kg tub

Apiguard 3kg tub
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Apiguard is a concentrated thymol gel, the active ingredient coming from the herb, thyme. It is approved in Europe as a Varroa treatment for organic honey production.
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Each tub comes with a measuring scoop and and cards for dispensing treatment on. The correct treatment is 50g for ten to fourteen days followed by another 50g per colony.These two will cover one full drone brood cycle and deal to up to 97% of the varroa.  To cover two full worker brood cycles a third 50g tray after another fourteen days is needed.  It is also important to know that the bees need to be able to get at the thymol gel.  It is the bees in the process of removing the gel from the hive that spreads the thymol vapours throughout the hive.  So once you put the gel on the dispensing card on top of the main brood area, put a feeder rim, or an empty ¾ box or full depth box on next.  This will give the bees lots of room to work the gel.  And also, don’t get the gel in your eyes—it is like concentrated onion juice and very painful.

The 3 kg tub will have enough Apiguard to treat 20 to 30 hives depending on whether you want to cover one drone brood cycle or two worker brood cycles.  We also sell the 50g trays of Apiguard in boxes of ten, which will treat 3 to 5 hives, depending on whether you want to cover one or two brood cycles.  The gel sealed in the trays has a shelf life of three years after its date of manufacture.

Apiguard is a recommended rotational treatment with Apistan.
If you want to get more information about Apiguard, go to the Vita-Europe website

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