• Nicot Queen Rearing System Complete (Wood Bar Mount and Round Queen Cage Match)

Nicot Queen Rearing System Complete (Wood Bar Mount and Round Queen Cage Match)

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Queen rearing with time control and no grafting.

Queen rearing with time control and no grafting.

  • - Product number: NQRS1001

The French version of the Jenter-style system, where the queen is housed in a Cupula surrounded by a queen excluder.  This lets the nurse bees in to clean and prepare the Cupula and attend to the queen but keeps the queen in the Cupula to lay only in the cells you want.  The queen is given cells to lay in, and since you know when they were laid the time calculation to hatching of the new queens is precise.  After 3 days, remove the small little cell cups from the back of the Cupula, and place them in the cell cup holders.  This cell cup holder then fits onto the wood bar mounted plugs (which you have earlier fixed to a wood top bar in an empty wood frame).

These wood frames with the cell cups mounted are then put in a queenless hive prepared in advance. The bees in this hive will then proceed to raise queens in the cells.  When the cells are capped, you have the option of placing over each of them the Round Nicot Queen Cage (sold separately), to prevent the early hatching queens from killing the others.

1 x Nicot Cupula NQRS0110
100 x Clear Brown Cell Cups QNR2500
100 x Cream or Orange Cell Cup Holder QNR3000
100 x Brown or Black Wood Bar Mount Plugs QNR2900

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