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Hydroponic Nutrient B - 500mL

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Hydroponic Nutrient B - 500mL

Hydroponic Nutrient B - 500mL

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  • Simple to mix
  • Faster plant growth
  • Works with all hydroponic media

500mL Bottle of Nutrient B for hydroponic growing to be used in equal portions with Nutrient A.

Hydroponic growing provides reliable, predictable and repeatable, safe food production. In the right environment try growing all year round.

Save on water and costs as this unit is recirculating meaning it uses the same water flowing through a looped system to be used repeatedly. This controlled and efficient method uses much less water than outside farming where water can be lost to evaporation, or simply lost as it just drains away unused into the soil.

Hydroponic A and B Mixing Example

This only applies to the 500ml only.

Directions of use:

A typical use case is to prepare 10L bucket of working solution.


For Tomato type crops: Start with 10L of tap or well water. Add 25 mL of Solution A. Mix well. Add 25 mL of Solution B. Mix well.

For Lettuce type crops: Start with 10L of tap or well water. Add 12.5 mL of Solution A. Mix well. Add 12.5 mL of Solution B. Mix well.

Important: The order in which Solution A and Solution B are added does not affect the outcome. However, it is crucial that they are not mixed together before being added to the water.

It is also important to thoroughly mix the solution before adding the next nutrient. The reason for having two separate bottles of solution is that their components can chemically react with each other when mixed in high concentrations. This reaction can lead to the formation of soluble and insoluble salts, rendering the solution ineffective for hydroponic use.

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