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Each Club has a different range of knowledge and everyone has a different number of hive, it is a great place to meet and share techniques and practices with everyone from a hobbyist to commercial beekeepers. Clubs share current and national events as well as network with people on insights into the New Zealand apiculture industry. Below are all the Beekeeping clubs in New Zealand, find your nearest club or find a club that suits your needs.

Beekeeping Clubs - North Island


Whangarei Bee Club -

Auckland Beekeepers Club -
Franklin Beekeepers Club -

Waikato Domestic Beekeepers Association -

Rotorua Honey Bee Club -

Manawatu Beekeepers Association -


Wellington Beekeepers Association -

South Island


Nelson Beekeeping Club -

Marlborough Beekeeping Association - 


North Canterbury Beekeepers Club -

Christchurch Hobbyist Club -


Dunedin Beekeepers Club -

Southland Bee Society -


Your local beekeeping club is a great place to start learning about bees.