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Bee Gym - Varroa Grooming aid

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Bee Gym - Varroa Grooming aid

Bee Gym - Varroa Grooming aid

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The Bee Gym is the world’s first grooming assistance device to help bees rid themselves of varroa. The Bee Gym is a framework of wires which enable bees to scrape varroa mites off their backs, together with flippers and scrapers that help the bees to remove mites from their abdomen. Dislodged and damaged mites will fall to the bottom of the hive, so an open mesh floor should be used and emptied regularly. Bees voluntarily use the Bee Gym throughout the year, including during a honey flow, and even form a winter cluster around it to enable improved grooming during cold periods.

The Bee Gym is extremely easy to deploy, simply place it on an open mesh hive floor during a routine inspection. The Bee Gym can then be left in place all year, save for an annual clean.  

The Bee Gym should be positioned in a busy part of the colony, either on the mesh floor about 2 cms back from the hive entrance or on top of the brood frames in a shallow ‘eke’ or spacer.

Orientate the device so that the Bee Gym name is uppermost and faces the opening in the hive entrance block.

Check that the wire loops are tight and that the flippers are located in their sockets. The wires and small plastic flippers point upwards.

To maintain the Bee Gym, soak it in a bucket of soda solution, then replace within the hive. The Bee Gym can stay in the hive all year round.




Customer Reviews

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  • Bee Gym - Varroa Grooming Aid 4

    Posted by Andrew McLeod on 26th Apr 2022

    I purchased 2 of these in December 2021, Installed in January 2022, they seemed an interesting idea, but did have doubts of how such a device would actually work....I would purchase them again as even with no varroa treatments in, I continued to get pretty much the same mite fall as I was getting with treatments in, I am a new beekeeper however so others may not have the same results...I just wanted to have something in during the flow.

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