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Bees For Life


Don’t just take a beekeeping course. Become a beekeeper with Ceracell’s Bee’s For Life Program.

Ceracell has come up with the fastest and most effective way for people wanting to become beekeepers. How does this program differ from other courses out there? With this program you get your very own colony of bees at the end of the day. What sort of colony? A full size hive, 10 frame full depth box with lid and floor, no mucking around here. This course will get you up to speed in one great swoop. How long is the course you say, well it’s a one day practical, no need for long videos and lengthy workbooks. We believe in the practical side of beekeeping. Plus you’ll have six months mentoring to ensure you and your bees stay on track. In your kit is the book, Practical Beekeeping so plenty of theory there to dig into as you need it. 

This program allows you to gain a full day of working with bees and listening to our knowledgeable staff on ways in which to handle and look after bee hives. Throughout the day our beekeepers run you through the program, some basic points that our beekeepers will show you are how to properly light a smoker, how to handle a hive tool, effectively and efficiently remove and inspect frames, basic skills in identifying what’s happening in the hive and the signs to look for in a healthy hive. Be prepared to ask questions on the go, our capable beekeeping staff can share with you their experience in beekeeping. We will guide each person thoroughly through their own beehive and show them necessary points that they should be looking for and inspecting to make sure they maintain and look after their bee hive. Our beekeepers will guide you on how to register you hive with AsureQuality and great advice on bee clubs in your area for further support. We will be answering questions throughout the day will make sure you go home much more knowledgeable about beekeeping.
What is included in Ceracell’s Bee’s For Life Program:
  • Bee suit of your choosing
  • A Smoker of your choosing.
  • Hive tool of your choosing.
  • Butane gas torch.
  • Butane gas canister refill.
  • Stencil with your hives registration number.
  • Practical Beekeeping Book
  • Smoker Fuel 30lt bag of shavings.
  • Your choice of gloves.
  • Your very own colony of bees.
  • ¾ Honey Super with 10 frames
  • Full depth starter hive box with floor, super, queen excluder, hive mat and lid.
For more information email for pricing and program dates.