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4-frame Electric Extractor - Lyson Optima

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4-frame Electric Extractor - Lyson Optima

4-frame Electric Extractor - Lyson Optima

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Honey extractor, 4-frames electric extractor 

Optima line diagonal honeycombs, 4-strip, 600 mm in diameter, are made of acid-resistant stainless steel. A characteristic feature of the Optima line is gray color and simple construction. Honey extractors from the Optima line are packed in cardboard boxes with attached instructions for self-assembly.

A common feature of the twillers with a diagonal arrangement is that after centrifuging one side of the frame, the honey extractor must be stopped and the frames turned in order to be able to centrifuge them on the other side. These honey extenders are intended for smaller stationary or traveling apiaries. The small size of the twine honeycombers makes them the most popular choice for smaller breeders.

Advantages of the Optima Line diagonal 4-strip net:

- small dimensions

- Easy-to-use

- effective use of time during honey harvesting

- the ability to run without access to the electrical network (using a car battery)

- the structure enables the centrifugation of thick honeys

- drum made of stainless steel

- stainless basket of honey extractors

- transparent cover

- powder-coated construction elements

- materials in contact with honey safe for this product

- a set of keys necessary to assemble the honey extractor attached to the device

- made in Poland

Honey extractor is designed for self-assembly (sent in cartons).

The universal small-size diagonal honey extractor is recommended for small apiaries. It allows to extract honey from a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 4 frames during one spin cycle. When only two frames are centrifuged, they should be placed opposite so that their weight is evenly distributed.

Honey extractor is stable during operation.

The use of electric drive allows for effective use of time. When the frames in the honey extractor are whirled, you can, for example, slice more slices.

The diagonal honeycomb structure enables the centrifugation of thick honeys, which are usually difficult to extract from the combs. As with any honey extractor of this type, the frames should be inverted to spin all honey.

The transparent cover provides a safe view of the device.

The small dimensions of the honey extractor allow easy placement in a small workshop or, if necessary, transport it to a different place. The materials from which it was made are approved for contact with honey, do not rust, and smooth surfaces make it easy to clean.

product line OPTIMA
Type of extractor Tangential honey extractors, 4-frame
Frame type Universal
Drum diameter[mm] Ø600
Drive system electric
Power supply 12/230V
Controller CDD
Motor 24V/250W
Sheet thickness 0,6 mm
Cover 3 mm
Honey gate Stainless 6/4"
Valve type Flap valve
Top bar Powder coated steel
Legs Short, powder coated
Hinges Plastic 4 pcs.
Mesh size 20×20 mm
Basket mount Drum mountedbearing
Drum height 610 mm
Other For self-assembly (shipped in carton)
Warranty 3 years
* Warranty for electrical components, controller, motor and drive elements - 2 years

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