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Hive Tools

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Frame gripper
excl GST
Frame holder
excl GST
Hammer and pry bar 300mm
excl GST
Handy hammer head at one end, crow bar heads at both ends. Solid tempered steel, made in Japan.
Ceracell Does-It-All Hive Tool
excl GST
The Swiss Army Knife of hive tools.
Mini wrecking bar 300mm
excl GST
Solid steel bar giving you reliable leverage when you need it
Butane gas torch
excl GST
Refillable, reliable, versatile instant heat when and where you need it regardless of the weather
Branding iron hose set
excl GST
LPG bottle fitting on the hose.
Branding iron fixed solid head
excl GST
You choose the numbers/letters and made to order
Branding iron adjustable head
excl GST
Multi-use. Get a variety of numbers and letters and change as needed
Branding iron additional letters / digits
excl GST
For the Multi-use branding iron head. Choose what you need and change as required.
Stencil - per letter or digit
excl GST
A quick, clean, consistent and tidy marking of your apiary and/or registration number on your hives.
Electric Branding Iron Fixed Head
excl GST
You choose the numbers/letters and made to order
Lamp - Bee Calm
excl GST