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The Hive Defender

The Hive Defender
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Protect your hive from wasps, robbing bees and mice. The ultimate protection!
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The Hive DefenderTM is a supplementary hive floor (base or bottom) that is mounted on a standard wood floor. It's purpose is to protect the hive from wasps, robbing bees, and mice. It also improves ventilation with the mesh floor. With a pull out rear drawer it can be used with a varroa sticky board or white paper to measure varroa levels.

It is ideal for use on weak hives or new splits. If you want to reduce the ventilation plug the holes with corks or cover with tape after the robing threat is over.

Ceracell Hive Defender Floor 3 (2)-895 Ceracell Hive Defender Floor 3 (1)-935 Ceracell Hive Defender Floor 5 (2)-982
The Hive DefenderTM is placed on the old, reversed, wood floor and the hive is put back together.
Ceracell Hive Defender Floor 5 (1)-927-698 Ceracell Hive Defender Floor 7 (2)-166 Ceracell Hive Defender Floor 7 (1)-621
The drawer is at the back for removing dead wasps. The bees soon learn to use their new reduced entrance.
Ceracell Hive Defender Floor 10 (2)-705 Ceracell Hive Defender Floor 10 (1)-247  
Dead wasps and robbing bees. This is the third time the drawer has been removed in two months. The formerly weak hive it was defending is now as strong as any in the apiary. It looks about an equal number of dead wasps and robbing bees.


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