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Feed Bee pollen substitute

Feed Bee pollen substitute
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You asked for a pollen supplement and here it is. Made in Canada by entimologist nutritionists.
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Feedbee may be fed to honeybees at any time but especially during a shortage or absence of natural pollen, and during single crop pollination to ensure a complete range of proteins and amino acids essential for brood development and queen feeding is available for optimal health.  Feedbee may be presented to the bees in several forms:

New Zealand Patty Mix:

Add 20 litres of sugar syrup and one bag (20kg) Feedbee. Mix thoroughly (Our all purpose mixer fitted to an electric drill does a great job).  Leave covered overnight and then place into pie bags or make a patty using grease proof/luncheon paper. Place the whole patty over the brood frames.  Leave it in the paper wrap, but don't forget to make several cuts in the paper for bee access.  The bees will soon be into it.

Liquid Feed:

Mix 40 litres of 50% sugar syrup with 20 litres of warm water and add 20kg of Feedbee.  Leave covered overnight then pour the liquid feed into a feeder inside the hives.  The Ceracell internal division feeders (best with bee ladders) or the heavy duty medium top feeder with a chimney cap are ideal.

In Powder Form:

In the spring, if there is not a good consistent harvest of pollen being brought into the hive, consider offering Feedbee to supplement the natural pollen coming in.  This is best done when the day time temperatures are consistently over 18C and it is not raining or windy.  Put about 2 to 3 kg of the dry Feedbee in a 20 litre honey bucket with a lid and a honey gate.  Dribble a bit of honey in the honey gate, then hang the bucket in a tree about 50 metres from the apiary.  You may want to put out one such bucket for every 5 hives.  Check the level of Feedbee weekly and replenish as necessary.

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